Export of grain crops

We work with trusted farmers and are a reliable supplier of safe agricultural products for the food industry. The crops grown by our partners are of high quality and meet the quality requirements of the European Union. Our products are grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides and do not contain GMOs.

We are distributors of legumes, oilseeds such as chickpeas, mustard, flax, buckwheat and others.

We guarantee our clients:

  • Consistently high quality. The performance of all works at our own production complex allows us to control every stage, which guarantees our customers the high quality of products.
  • Reliability. We guarantee our responsibility to the buyer for the delivery of goods in accordance with the signed contract.

The delivery procedure is as follows:

1. Customer request

You can always contact us by e-mail or any messenger available to you.

2. Clarification of details

We determine what product is needed, its quality characteristics.

3. Signing the contract

We draw up and sign a bilateral international agreement with the customer company. The agreement is drawn up in two languages, in full compliance with international trade legislation.

4. Preparation of goods

We prepare goods for sale (sorting and packing). We receive all the necessary documents for the export of products.

5. Delivery of goods

Depending on delivery conditions according to Incoterms.


Are you a foreign buyer?

To start working with us, just leave your application using this form. We will contact you within 24 hours since receiving the application and discuss all the details.